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I am a UX designer based in Seattle, Wa. I have 8 years of experience creating compelling UI/UX for enterprise-level interfaces. I consider myself a user-experience problem solver. I specialize in storytelling, brainstorming, and whiteboarding. I have an inclination toward a clean design aesthetic.


I have had the privilege to work on some impactful projects with some inspiring people. I find myself passionately curious about the product design process and marvel at the end result and how it impacts the user. 

I find inspiration in all walks of life and let it shape what I create. When not bringing daydreams to life, I travel places, discover new cuisines and gulp down way too many cups of coffee.


Rapid Prototyping

High Fidelity Mocks

Data Visualization

Interviews & Surveys

Usability Research



Logo Design

Branding & Identity

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