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Social Responsibility Website Design

Women initiated Social Responsibility Organization


  • Need a way of showcasing the projects and events they have been hosting. Show to upper management the valuable social work the OOMS have undertaken with the allocated budget.

  • Some way to receive suggestions and an easy way to reach them. 

  • Focus on visual storytelling. Photography is essential to emotionally connect audiences to nonprofit causes. 

  • Easy to use format for the admins of the website who are not well versed with the working of the technology. 




The main goal of the research was to understand the goals, motivation and pain points of product managers so we could design a better product for them. We conducted focus groups with 4-5 users to understand what they were expecting from the tool. What were their pain points? During one of these, we discovered we could pivot the data to cover a wider audience. 

High Fidelity Mockups
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