Service Tool in Cloud Engineering

Service tracking tool supporting Cloud engineering services. 

The Challenge

Redesign this analytics tool supporting Cloud Services. The goal was to completely revamp the existing UX making it feature rich at the same time being self-explanatory for existing users and seamless onboarding for new users. 


The main goal of the research was to understand the goals, motivation and pain points of the user so we could design a better solution for them.

Stakeholder Interviews

We kickstarted the research process with couple of stakeholder interviews with the stakeholders and product managers. It was crucial in figuring out the overarching goals and motivation for the redesign. 

Focus Groups

We conducted focus groups with 4-5 users to understand what they were expecting from the tool. What were their pain points? During one of these, we discovered we could pivot the data to cover a wider audience. 

User Persona

This web app had a multitude of users. The goal was to understand each and every persona and what they wanted from the app. So, the challenging part was designing the web app keeping all these personas in mind. We came up with five possible user personas. They were not radically different but had individuality with some overlap.

Research Insights 

The key insight from all the research was we were missing out a subset of the manager persona. Some users were responsible to run monthly/ quarterly reviews. These reviews are run on a large scale where they present to the division how all the services they own are doing. How they used to go about it was reach out to all managers and service owners and create an extensive spreadsheet. This meant lot of emails and messages back and forth. We concluded that our tool already had this information at our disposal so why not use it to help run reviews. 


The next step was coming up with wireframes and presenting them to the stakeholders. After some much needed back and forth and couple  of revisions we could map the user journey.

Defining Functionalities 

The key features defining the redesign initiative

Manager can view how his team is doing.

Individual Contributor can view his action items and resolve them

Pivot data by service, service group or people

High Fidelity Mockups

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